The brain is a fallible beast, no more so than when there is alcohol involved. Therefore there have been many evenings when I have enjoyed a fine beer down the pub only to struggle to remember what it was called the next time I visited a bar. Since Autumn 2007 I have been keeping tasting notes on the beers I have tried and have now amassed a list of over 900 different ales and lagers. The list is shown in sections below with the beers sorted by brewery.

There are also detailled descriptions of my favourite beers and a guide with my thoughts on the different styles of beer.

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Beer Lists:
Full Beer List
500 Classic Brews
Order Of Merit:
Beers 1-8
Beers 9-16
Beers 17-24
Beer Guide:
Notable Breweries

You can also download a copy of my book "Thoughts On 1000 Beers" below or look at the "A to Z of Beer" site.

1000 Beers book A-Z of beer

Thanks are due to the Inspire Cafe Bar in Coventry for their beer tastings on the first Wednesday of every month, Whitefriars Pub for their selection of real ale, for their selection of beers, Tim Webb's Good Beer Guide Belgium for information and for resources.