Thoughts On 1000 Beers

A refreshingly clear guide to beer

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Bored of beer books that are just long lists of things that "you must try"? Tired of dry tomes that go overboard with technical terms? Overwhelmed by beer rating websites? Then this is the book for you.

Based on years of research, Thoughts On 1000 Beers is a book for the novice and the expert. It describes the history and characteristics of 45 different styles of beer from Irish Stout to Belgian Witbier - giving recommendations of some of the finest examples. There are guides to 13 different countries, including all of the major European brewing centres. These will allow you to get a flying start in finding the best beers to drink abroad. The book also has ratings and tasting notes for over 1000 different beers.

Thoughts On 1000 Beers is an opinionated tour of the world of brewing that seeks to entertain and inform. It reflects the diverse beers that are being produced today and the differing attitudes to it, as well as giving you recommendations on beers of every strength and type.

More than anything though, the book aims to reinforce the notion that beer is not a bland, fizzy drink to be downed in large quantities on a Friday night before the consumption of a kebab completes the process of feeling terrible the morning after. Beers can be savoured with each sip just as much as fine wine – and even the finest beers in the world can be acquired for perfectly reasonable prices.

The book is available in print and eBook formats.

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