Music Videos


Eight Of Spades

All Hail The Coventry Godcake

Pete Waterman's Ultimate Cheese Shop

Game Of Thrones Must Die

Iron Man vs Desperate Dan

Don't Paint It Black, Paint It Magnolia

Our Survey Says

The Fonts

Half The Strings, Twice The Fun

Amy Winehouse's Guide To The Seaside

The Dark Heart Of Simon Cowell

Chicken Hypnosis

Goody From The Block

Born To Be A Barista

A Responsible Firestarter

Biscuit Psychology

Rules Of The Coventry Ring Road

The Concise & Corrected Hamlet

The Internet Is Ruled By Cats

All Fruit Is Fascist

Mental Floss

We Call It A Batch

The Wrong Rene

Can't Be Explained On A Ukulele

Tinky Winky's Gone Postal

Delia's Milkshake

The Hip Hop Women's Institute

Quite Literally

First World Blues

Euphemism Treadmill

Laurence Llewyn-Bowen Redesigns Your Life

Darwin's Made Me A Monkey

Please Refrain From Swearing

Straight Out Of Earlsdon

Stalinist Confectionery

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

Here In Blighty

Shampoo From Poundland

Jingled Out

Kanye Xmas

Spon End Santa

The Elves Of Earlsdon

The Popinjay's Hogmanay

Sky Blue Xmas (SISU out)

The Slight Before Christmas

Austerity Nativity

One Off Tracks (An Omnishambles)

The Ballad Of Clem Fandango

Flappy Hands & Hawtrey

Roy's Picking Rooney (Euro 2016)

Roy Hodgson Does The Samba (World Cup 2014)

Oi Scholars, Bring Back Lambrini

2016 - Get Your Coat And Leave

Highfield Two