Live Performances

X Factor Audition - The Dark Heart Of Simon Cowell
(live at Millsy's 2016)

Shampoo From Poundland
(live at the Glastonbury Festival 2016)

Straight Out Of Earlsdon
(live at Twisted Barrel)

Born To Be A Barista
(spoken word version)

One More Cathedral Than You
(live at Millsy's)

Stalinist Confectionary
(live at Glastonbury 2015)

The Responsible Firestarter
(live at Glastonbury 2015)

9 Song Ukulele Montage
(live at the Glastonbury Festival 2015)

Goody Xmas Madness - 2016 Highlights
(montage of Millsy's & Twisted Barrel performances)

Ace Of Spades (Motorhead v David Goody)
(live at Glastonbury Festival 2015)

(live at the Godiva festival)

Spon End Santa
(live at Millsy's)

Sky Blue Xmas (SISU out)
(live at the Highfield Road)

Tinky Winky's Gone Postal
(live at the Criterion Theatre)

Goody From The Block
(live at Fargo Village)

Laurence Llewelyn Bowen Redesigns Your Life
(live at The Tin Music & Arts)

Quite Literally, Stalinist Confectionery & ...Missing
(live at the Ricoh Arena)

Please Refrain From Swearing
(live at the Criterion Theatre)

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
(live at The Tin Music & Arts)

All Fruit Is Fascist
(live at The Tin Music & Arts)

Rules Of The Coventry Ring Road
(live at Fargo Village)

Delia's Milkshake
(live at Glastonbury 2014)

The Hip-Hop Women's Institute
(live at the Apex Music Festival)

Rules Of The Coventry Ring Road
(live at Coventry Motofest)

Live Photos

There isn't any video footage of the performances at the Glastonbury or End Of The Road festivals in 2013. Here are some photos instead.

Glastonbury 2013 - Fluffy Rock Cafe

A throughly enjoyable performance on the Wednesday night topped off by a man in a T-Rex onesie breakdancing to Tinky Winky's Gone Postal. Even by Glastonbury standards that is surreal.

End Of The Road 2013 - Piano Stage

David performed on the Piano Stage on the Friday and Sunday nights. The Friday night featured a gentlemanly stand off with some fellows playing a cover of 'Modern Drift' by Efterklang (a cracking song). The Sunday night turned into a four hour long session with the marvelous Richard Swan and an audience of around 100 people who clearly didn't want the festival to end.