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The absurdist songsmithery of David Goody builds on a distinguished tradition of silly and surreal music. From music hall and Edward Lear's nonsense songs through Flanders & Swann, Tom Lehrer and Monty Python to Half Man Half Biscuit and Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer, music has always found a way to embrace nonsense. It is to this glorious heritage that songs like Stanlist Confectionary and Shampoo From Poundland pay homage. If the question is why, the answer is why not. The world has seriousness and tragedy in abundance. These songs aim to prick pomposity and add lightness and levity to the world in their own little way.

Spon End Santa

BBC Radio Cov & Warwick - Vic Minett (Dec 2014)

BBC Introducing - Brody Swain (Dec 2016)

It's Meant To Sound Like This

Rules Of The Coventry Ring Road

BBC Radio Cov & Warwick - Vic Minett (Sept 2014)

BBC Radio Cov & Warwick - Stuart Linnell (Aug 2014)

BBC Radio Cov & Warwick - Vic Minett (March 2014)

Free Radio - JD Breakfast Show (March 2014)

All Hail The Coventry Godcake

Touch FM Coventry Culture Show - Neil Wilkes (Aug 2018)

BBC Cov & Warwick - Vic Minett (Sept 2018)

Flappy Hands & Hawtrey

BBC Radio 5 Live - Kermode & Mayo's Film Reviews (Nov 2014)

Amy Winehouse Guide To Seaside

Pete Waterman & Mollie Green at Godiva, BBC Radio WM (July 2016)

Wednesday Wake Up With Richard Coad, Radio Plus (May 2016)

Kanye Xmas

We Call It A Batch

BBC Radio Cov & Warwick - Vic Minett (Dec 2015)

A Good Christmas To Die Hard

Radio Plus - Vic Mixtape (Dec 2019)

Abbey Radio - Meddisms (Dec 2019)

The Day I Bought The Ghost Town Car

Radio Plus - Mixtape - (Aug 2019)

BBC Radio Cov & Warwick - Culture Club (Jul 2019)

Rudy The 2 Tone Reindeer

Touch FM - Cov Culture Show (Dec 2018)

Radio Plus - Mixtape (Dec 2018)

COVID Ain't From Cov.

BBC CWR - Trish Adudu(Apr 2020)

Don't Paint It Black...

BBC West Midlands Radio - Mollie Green (Aug 2016)

The Elves Of Earlsdon

Mixtape with Rich & Jess - Radio Plus

Oi Scholars Bring Back Lambrini

Coventry Culture Show with Neil Wilkes - Touch FM

Roy's Picking Rooney

Roy Hodgson Does The Samba

Straight Out Of Earlsdon

Sky Blue Xmas (SISU out)

Domesticated Records Publicity

Brody Swain, BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire (May 2016)

Wednesday Wake Up With Richard Coad, Radio Plus (May 2016)