Is Life Too Short Or Am I Too Tall?

14 random rhyming tracks of madcap insight into the modern world. Released in November 2022

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  1. I Don't Need A New Phone
  2. Stuck In IKEA With You
  3. Existential Football
  4. Keep Needing Caffeination
  5. Cronuts Cruffins Creverything
  6. Imperial Droid
  7. Procrastination
  8. In Praise Of The Laughing Gnome
  9. Queue
  10. The Man Who Made A Sewer A Star
  11. Not My Circus Not My Monkeys
  12. Withnail And Who
  13. There's No Part For A Ruffalo
  14. Grown Up Douchebag

A Very Nihilist Christmas EP

An odd Xmas EP for an odd Xmas. Released in December 2021

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  1. Welcome
  2. Nihilistic Christmastime
  3. Last Christmas (You Quoted Descartes)
  4. Soren Kierkegaard's Christmas Card
  5. Nihilist Navidad
  6. Farewell

A Rather Silly History Of Coventry

The story of my home town. Released in January 2021

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  1. Cofa & The Art Of Tree Planting
  2. Lady Godiva
  3. The Spire That Won’t Expire
  4. Getting Fresh With The Black Prince
  5. All Hail The Coventry Godcake
  6. Adopt Adapt Improve
  7. By George!
  8. Elephants Everywhere
  9. Larkin’s Lost Landmarks
  10. My Mate Frank
  11. How To Destroy A City
  12. Donald - The Man With A Plan
  13. A London Taxi Ain’t From Hackney
  14. One More Cathedral Than You
  15. Delia’s Not From Derbyshire
  16. Rules Of The Coventry Ring Road
  17. Ding Ding! (When Chuck Came To Town)
  18. The Day I Bought The Ghost Town Car
  19. Pete Waterman’s Ultimate Cheese Shop
  20. Gary Mabbutt’s Knee
  21. Can You See What George Shaw Saw?

A Good Christmas To Die Hard

The Yippie-Ki-Yay Xmas album. Released in December 2019

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  1. Die Hard Is A Christmas Film
  2. Carol Of The Melon Farming Bells
  3. Hans Gruber Is Coming To Town
  4. Nakatomi Baby
  5. Welcome To John McClane's World
  6. Helsinki Syndrome
  7. Agent Johnson Must Be High
  8. Where Are My Detonators?
  9. Blow The Roof
  10. But Hans It's Cold Outside
  11. Sgt Powell
  12. Have Yourself A Yippie-Ki-Yay Christmas
  13. Carol Of The Kemosabe Bells
  14. Sinatra Nearly Starred In Die Hard
  15. Die Hard On A Boat
  16. Ode To Joy

It's Meant To Sound Like This

The dulcimer album. Released in September 2019

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  1. We're The Sweeney, And You're Nicked
  2. Lady Godiva
  3. It's A Dulcimer
  4. I'm Not The Walrus Of Love, I'm A Seal
  5. J-Blunt Wins On Twitter
  6. Who Needs Dickens When You've Got Cribbins
  7. This Does Not Spark Joy
  8. Bootleg Gin
  9. Despair
  10. My Old Man's A Banker
  11. Please Agree To The Terms Of Use
  12. Working On A Zero Hour Contract
  13. The Day I Bought The Ghost Town Car
  14. Soundcheck

Jingled Out

The Christmas album. Released in December 2018

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  1. The Slight Before Xmas
  2. Spon End Santa
  3. Kanye Xmas
  4. The Tale Of Ebeneezer Trump
  5. Austerity Nativity
  6. Mr Holder's Yule Log
  7. The Elves Of Earlsdon
  8. Yuletide Neknomination
  9. Without Brussels Sprouts
  10. Rudy The 2 Tone Reindeer
  11. Virgin Trains (Delayed At Xmas)
  12. Santa Claus Is A Racist
  13. Sky Blue Xmas
  14. The Popinjay's Hogmanay


The banjo album. Released in summer 2018

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  1. Never Go Dueling With A Banjo
  2. Pete Waterman's Ultimate Cheese Shop
  3. One More Cathedral Than You
  4. Eight Of Spades
  5. Iron Man Vs Desperate Dan
  6. Our Survey Says
  7. In The Event Of An Emergency
  8. Game Of Thrones Must Die
  9. Britpop Bands - Stop Reforming
  10. All Hail The Coventry Godcake
  11. Don't Paint It Black, Paint It Magnolia
  12. The Ultimate Employee
  13. The Fonts
  14. Popular Songs Are Lying To Me

Can't Be Explained On A Ukulele

The ukulele album. Written in 2014, re-recorded and released in December 2017

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  1. Tinky Winky's Gone Postal
  2. Delia's Milkshake
  3. Hip Hop Women's Institute
  4. Quite Literally
  5. First World Blues
  6. Euphemism Treadmill
  7. Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Redesigns Your Life
  8. Darwin's Made Me A Monkey
  9. Please Refrain From Swearing
  10. Straight Out Of Earlsdon
  11. Stalinist Confectionary
  12. The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
  13. Here In Blighty
  14. Shampoo From Poundland

Half The Strings, Twice The Fun

The 3 string guitar album. Released in 2016

Album Cover Bandcamp
  1. Amy Winehouse's Guide To The Seaside
  2. The Dark Heart Of Simon Cowell
  3. Chicken Hypnosis
  4. Goody From The Block
  5. Born To Be A Barista
  6. A Responsible Firestarter
  7. Biscuit Psychology
  8. Rules Of The Coventry Ring Road
  9. The Concise & Corrected Hamlet
  10. The Internet Is Ruled By Cats
  11. All Fruit Is Facist
  12. Mental Floss
  13. We Call It A Batch
  14. The Wrong Rene