As well as his solo work he also plays bass in 80% Movement and wrote a score for Bill Drummund's choral project the17 .

A brief time spent working as a projectionist has reinforced a belief that he can eruditely talk about films. The movies section of the website contains reviews of over 100 different films which display a mix of insight and cheap gags.

A desire to create a more comprehensive box set of Blade Runner by making a silver unicorn has led to an interest in origami - in particular the creation of paper animals. There are photos of over 50 different paper animals on the site. You can also find some assorted scientific and analytic work here.

Me And Stitch

There are some things that you start but which you don't keep going. This page has a range of things that I'm no longer updating grouped together into one place for posterity. In case you are wondering what I look like, above is a random picture of me. If you want to get in contact, then I'll leave you to figure out how to track me down.

Weblog: From The Cheap Seats

It hasn't been updated in quite some time but there is a blog that I wrote for a while knocking around on the web and you can have a ready of the old posts by heading to