Beer Word Diagrams

Over the years I've amased a rather large database of all the beers I've tried. This includes information such as the brewery, style and country of origin of the beer. This information can be used to illustrate when word diagrams such as Wordle work well, and work badly. In all the diagrams the bigger the text, the more beers I've tried from the brewery, style or country.

Breweries - a good example

I've tried beers from hundreds of different breweries. Plotting these on a bar chart would look horrible and crowded. Even a frequency table would take up a side of A4, it would also resemble a telephone directory. A word diagram allows you to quickly see many of the breweries I've tried beers from and those which I've tried more. Trying the 12 stouts of Chrismtas from Bristol Beer Factory two years running has clearly had an impact.

Style - an adequate example

I've classifed the beers I've tried into around 30 styles. Some of these styles are very common. I've tried hundreds of bitters, pale lagers and golden ales which appear in huge text. To get the relativities to work those beers I've only tried a few example of, such as barley wines and low alcohol beers, are in very small writing. It's all still legible so it works, but a pie chart with a bit of grouping work probably work better.

Country - a poor example

I've live in the UK, so most of the beers I drink are beers from the UK. This means the UK is in huge text. Unfortunately this means countries that I've only tried a handful of beers from, such as Portugal, Spain or Japan, are unreadably small. A heat map or a bar chart with an other catergory would make far more sense here.